The panzer jacket, or wrapper as referred to by collectors because of it's double-breasted front, is made of black wool and is short-waisted and has no exterior pockets. There are four large plastic buttons and three smaller ones on the front for the fastening of the wrap. Primarily only the four bottom buttons were used, the top being for colder weather and further protection from the cold. The bottom four buttons were also hidden when fastened. A comparison with the Army's version is illustrated in the figure. The Army version had a seam down the middle of the back while the Waffen-SS style didn't. The Army version had a larger collar and pointed ends on the collar while the Waffen-SS style had a smaller collar and rounded tips. Finally, The Army version had more of a wrap and the front edge cut back diagonally whereas the Waffen-SS style didn't wrap as much and was cut straight down.


The Waffen-SS black panzer trousers are similar to the 1942 Kielhose with a couple of exceptions:

  • The black panzer trousers have an interior waist belt,
  • there is no buttoned flap on the watch pocket on the front, and
  • the black panzer trousers have a flap on each of the two front slashed pockets with two buttons.

Generally in comparison with the Army's model, the only significant difference was that the Army's model had a single, verses double, button on the front pocket flaps.