The assault gun wrapper was identical in style to that of the panzer wrapper with exception of color. They were manufactured from stocks of gray-green wool. The Waffen-SS used a uniform called the drill uniform, which manifested itself in the same style as that of the Waffen-SS assault gun wrapper. These lightweight uniforms were manufactured with herring-bone twill (HBT) material and were worn during the hot summer months and also during training exercises. Some may have had shoulder rank insignia and the sleeve eagle insignia but it is unlikely that much more was added.


The assault gun trousers were identical in style to that of the panzer trousers with exception of color. These trousers were manufactured with stocks of gray-green wool with the exception of the herring-bone twill (HBT) lightweight trousers used by the assault gun crews during the hot summer months and during training exercises. These lightweight trousers were styled the same way as the gray-green wool trousers, like the M1942 Kielhose with two-buttoned forward folding front pocket flaps.


The assault gunners wore the same headgear as the other members of the Waffen-SS, that is the overseas and M1943 field caps in gray-green wool. The rare exception may be the wearing of soutache on the overseas caps, in most cases red for artillery or pink for Panzerjäger.