Polizei black Panzer crew uniforms

The police panzer units wore the same black panzer uniforms of the Heer and Waffen-SS except their collars were piped in police green badge cloth. Their collar tabs were either the metal skull devices on black backing and piped in police-green, or they wore collar tabs with the police green backing and silver bullion (officers) or white woven thread (enlisted) Litzen. The national emblem was on the left sleeve and in the same style as all police forces in Third Reich Germany – eagle standing on a wreathed swastika and all within a larger oakleaf wreath. Officers wore silver bullion on black backing and enlisted wore embroidered or woven insignia in police-green on black backing. Shoulder boards and shoulder straps were piped in police green rather than pink. There are few surviving examples of these and not too much photographic evidence.