Assault Gun Uniforms

Issued to the Hermann Göring Panzer Division in 1944, these were identical to the black panzer uniforms except they were made of gray-green wool or blue-gray (Luftwaffe) wool. These were accompanied by matching panzer-styled trousers.

The Assault Gun Jacket

The jacket had the same wraparound style as the black panzer jacket but made of gray-green or (Luftwaffe) blue-gray wool. Originally the only authorized insignia was the national emblem on the left breast, shoulder boards or shoulder straps, sleeve rank (chevrons) and the Hermann Göring cuffband. The metal skull devices were applied directly to the collar, no collar tab being used. There were exceptions to the rules as always. Some of these jackets had aluminum cord piping around the collars. Officers had their standard white collar tabs added.

The Assault Gun Trousers

These were in the exact same style as the black panzer trousers except they were manufactured in gray-green or (Luftwaffe) blue-gray wool.

Assault Gun Headgear

The assault gun crews wore their standard Luftwaffe blue-gray overseas and M1943 field caps. Officers wore the aluminum piping around the crown and officer-quality insignia, either silver bullion or machine-woven aluminum wire thread on blue-gray wool backing. Enlisted wore machine-woven or machine-embroidered insignia in white thread.